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Costco Will Open 5 New Warehouses This Summer — Here’s Where You Can Find Them.

Costco Will Open 5 New Warehouses This Summer

Some sites will open their doors as early as this week.

Costco fans, rejoice! The well-known warehouse retailer is slated to establish additional locations this summer, with some opening as soon as this week. As part of the brand’s global expansion ambitions for 2023, five new locations will open this summer in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and California. These new Costcos in the United States will ensure you’re ready to rock for summer entertainment.

Costco Extends Its Reach

Costco is frequently ranked as one of the top food shops in America, but the warehouse club is also expanding its international presence; new sites debuted in June this year in Gold Coast, Australia, and Yinzhou, China. Costco continues to attract a wide client base due to its solid reputation for high-quality products at low prices.

Buckeye, Arizona: Customers Are Welcomed With Open Arms

The new Costco in Buckeye, Arizona, will be one of the first new locations to open. Buckeye will be a new addition to Arizona’s 20 current Costcos, roughly 36 miles from Phoenix. This much-anticipated location is expected to open on July 13, giving residents even easier access to their favorite Costco products.

Georgetown, Texas: A Welcome Newcomer to the Neighborhood

Georgetown, TX, will open on July 14th, shortly after Buckeye. This shop will service the northern part of Austin, joining the five Costco Wholesale locations presently serving the city’s suburbs. With its vast 158,000-square-foot site, Georgetown Costco provides plenty of space for consumers to browse and enjoy the famed Costco samples. This store’s $13 million investment underlines the brand’s dedication to providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Serving Shoppers Near the Airport in Northeast Denver, Colorado

Another facility slated to open this summer is in Northeast Denver, CO. This Costco, located at 4741 N. Airport Way, is a little over a 15-minute drive from Denver International Airport. Before leaving for their summer holidays, travelers may now stock up on their favorite Costco items, including the “highly addictive” Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers.

North Canton, Ohio: Extended Hours Are Coming Soon

Costco members in North Canton, OH, must wait a little longer before visiting their newest wholesale location. This site is set to open on August 17, with extended weekday hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and regular weekend hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. North Canton and the neighboring neighborhoods will soon have another handy shopping location for their household requirements.

Marysville, California, Is a Welcoming Newcomer to Northern California

Lastly, a new Costco will open in Marysville, California. The official opening date has yet to be declared. However, it is scheduled for September 2023. This site will service Northern California, filling the void left by the Roseville and Chico locations. Residents of Marysville and surrounding towns may look forward to the convenience of having a Costco shop closer to home.

Purchase a Costco Membership

Customers can join up for a Costco membership on the company’s website before the stores open for business. Some new locations, like the one in Buckeye, even provide a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card as an inducement to join. This makes it quite simple to become a member and begin reaping the benefits of Costco shopping right now.

Costco’s Outstanding Cardholder Base

According to The Wall Street Journal, Costco has at least 124.7 million cardholders from 69.1 million homes as of May 2023. This reflects the brand’s extensive popularity and customers’ faith in the value it provides. Costco has developed its name by providing a diverse selection of high-quality products at low rates, ranging from groceries and household items to electronics and furnishings.


Costco’s 2023 expansion plans call for establishing five new warehouses in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and California. These additional locations will give customers even easier access to Costco’s extensive selection of products and services. Shoppers in these communities have much to look forward to, whether filling up on groceries, discovering amazing discounts on electronics, or enjoying the famed Costco samples. Costco is devoted to providing great products, excellent value, and exceptional customer service as it expands its global presence.

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